Thursday, September 1, 2011

Join me in a Challenge: No More Plastic Bags!

I currently own about 20 reusable shopping bags. And can you guess how many of them I use on a regular basis?

If you guessed zero, you are pretty close. I use one to carry my coupon box in, but other than that I am an utter failure at the reusable bag movement.

But that is going to change! See that pile of bags below....

This month I am challenging myself (and you) to use these bags. No paper or plastic bags for the whole month of September. Sounds simple enough, but I have a feeling this is going to be a big challenge.

Which is why I'm telling you about it. I'm hoping that by inviting you to join me in this challenge and posting regular updates, I'll keep myself accountable to using reusable bags. And I'm hoping that by mindfully focusing it this for a month, it will become a habit that I can carry forward.

So, are you in? Leave me a comment and let me know if you are joining the challenge. Or if you are already a dedicated reusable bag user, leave a comment with tips on remembering the darn things.

And Day 1...I forget the bags at home after bring them in to take the picture last night. So if you see a crazy lady leaving Fred Meyer carrying an armful of groceries just to avoid using a plastic bag....stop and say Hi!

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