Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Guest Post: Saving on Organic Products

This is a guest post from Heather from Because More is More. Too often, people think that couponing only works for unhealthy or convenience foods. Like Heather, I try to steer clear of many of those foods and have found that you can find deals on organic and natural products. Heather has some great advice for how to save on these products. Make sure to check out Because More is More for more deals and information. Thanks, Heather!


When my daughter was about a year old, I started researching about the food that I was feeding her...& I was horrified at what I learned.  I immediately began feeding my family organic products & noticed our budget went up, but I felt it was worth it (& I still do!).  At the time, the economy was great so I didn’t give it much thought.
Well, the economy is no longer great, however I am not willing to give up purchasing organic & green products, which means I need to pay less for what I need to buy.  This has taken some trial & error on my part, but I have been able to drop our grocery budget by 25-40% while still buying the same brands I had previously been paying full price for (gasp…full price…can you imagine?!).
If you have been considering purchasing more organic & green items, don’t be afraid to do so.  There are ways to save on organic & eco friendly products!
Here are a few ways to get started:
  1. Always stroll through the organic section of your store. Be on the lookout for peelies, blinkies, tear pads, etc.  My Kroger affiliate puts out a magazine that has great coupons for organic products in it.  Grab one (or three) & build your coupon stash that way.
  2. Head to the website of every brand that you like or want to try. Seventh Generation, Horizon, Earth’s Best, & many more have printable coupons right there!  Sign up for any newsletters (digital or snail mail) they offer because they often include coupons.
  3. Pay attention to coupons from non organic brands. Many brands offer both organic & non organic products.  Unless a coupon specifically excludes the organic product, you can use it on the organic item.  For example, if you see a coupon for $.50 off any S&W canned item, use it on their organic canned vegetables.
  4. Shop Trader Joe’s.  You can use coupons there!  It has to be a manufacturer coupon for a brand they carry, but yes…they take them!
  5. Shop Costco. Costco is stocking more organic & eco friendly items every day (or so it seems).  I buy my organic ground beef & organic boneless, skinless chicken breasts there.
  6. Shop online.  Amazon,, & all have great selections of organic & green items & often have outstanding deals.  Take advantage of those deals & stock up! 
  7. Shop locally.  Going green is about more than just what you buy!  Purchasing items produced locally will reduce your carbon footprint & get you fresher products. Additionally, you will be supporting your local economy!  Head to your local farmer’s market.   Buy directly from a farmer & buy in bulk.  This will cost a bit more up front (say, for a quarter of a cow) but it will likely save you in the end.  Join a CSA (community supported agriculture) & get fresh produce right from the farm! 
There’s just no getting around the fact that organic & eco friendly products costs more.  If you use your couponing & savvy shopping skills, the impact on your budget will be less than you might think.

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