Sunday, April 3, 2011

FREE Target Trip

I had some good coupon karma on my recent trip to Target. Someone had left (2) $1/1 Target coupons near the men's Dove deodarant. I already had two of those coupons, plus (4) $2/1 manufacturer's coupons. PLUS, you got a $5 gift card when you bought four. Thanks to the generousity of a stranger, I got some great donation items and made $1.04!

And yes, I know that Target coupons say 1 per transaction. I confess that Target is one place I routinely break this couponing rule. I have NEVER had a cashier tell me I couldn't use duplicate Target coupons in a transaction. If the rule was enforced, I would have no problem following it. But until then, I'm not going to sweat it. Maybe that makes me a bad couponer. Maybe that will get the couponing ethics police on my case. Maybe everyone else does it, too. :shrugs:

Anyway, on with my trip.

Regular Price
Sale Price
I Paid
(1) Purex Crystals

$2/1 coupon
$1/1 Target coupon
(4) Snickers Eggs

(2) $2/2 coupon
(2) Revlon Beauty Tools

$5/2 Catalina coupon
(4) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

(2) B1G1 Target coupons
(1) Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

$2/1 coupon
(4) Dove Men’s Deodorant

(4) $2/1 printable coupons
(4) $1/1 Target coupons

= 4.91 + tax
Received $5 Gift Card

$0.09 Profit

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