Sunday, April 24, 2011

Why I'll Never Be a Regular Walgreen's Shopper

I have heard that some Walgreen's are more coupon friendly than others. Well, I'd like to know where those are because I haven't found one yet. When I tried to purchase the Splenda today, which was on sale for $2.99, using a $3.00 coupon, the cashier told me that I couldn't do it because it exceeded the price of the item. The same thing had happened to me last week so I had the Walgreen's coupon policy on me. I showed it to the cashier and he said I would need to speak with the manager.

The manager came over. I politely pointed out in the coupon policy where it states that coupons that exceed the price of the item will only be accepted for the price of the item (basically, no overage). He immediately said "Fine" (in a not so friendly tone) and walked away.

It is so frustrating to be faced with store managers like this. He didn't even bother to look at the printed copy I had with me. It was clear to me that he knew the coupon policy and just choosing to ignore it. Coupon newbies are unlikely to challenge the store manager and often end up overpaying or missing out on deals.

Pulling out the coupon policy may not be something everyone is comfortable with, but I highly recommended keeping the policies for your favorite stores on hand. See my post here for links to the policies for the stores I generally shop at.

Until I find a coupon friendly Walgreen's, I think I'll stick to Rite-Aid. Unless there is a big moneymaker (like the Splenda). Then it's hard to stay away.

What about you? Are you a loyal Walgreen's shopper? Where can I find a coupon friendly Walgreen's?

Regular Price
Sale Price
I Paid
Register Rewards Received
(3) Splenda 100 ct.
(3) $3/1 (4/17 SS)
(1) Stayfree
$1/1 (3/27) RP

Total = $1.98 + tax
Received $7 in Register Rewards
= $5.02 PROFIT

I plan on taking my $7 in Register Rewards to Fred Meyer to use on my weekly grocery trip.


  1. I have 2 very friendly Walgreens near me. I don't typically coupon beyond the weekly circular, but they have always gone out of their way to keep me a satisfied customer, even substituting higher valued items (I'm brazen enough to ask!). Of course, you've got to be in South Hill Puyallup, WA.....

  2. I have to agree with you. I have two Walgreens near me, and I don't particularly like shopping at either. I've been hassled for coupons at both locations, even though I was following their store policy. And neither seem to receive the extra Walgreens savings booklets (the baby one being the most recent example) AND neither would try the code I offered up. More often than not, I leave things sitting on the counter at the cash register because I refuse to pay more than I should for their stuff. I'm not obnoxious and don't cause a scene. I just simply tell them I'm not interested and ask them to remove the item(s).

    I've also emailed Walgreens corporate and explained to them why they will never be able to compete with Rite Aid and have detailed why (I've also emailed Rite Aid and told them how much I appreciate their good customer service!).

    Don't even get me started on Wal-Mart. :-)))

  3. @ andie: If Puyallyup wasn't so far away, I'd probably give it a try. :)

    @ L.M.: I e-mailed corporate about my experience as well. I'm sure I won't hear anything back, but it made me feel better to tell them.