Monday, April 18, 2011

Ways to Use Frank's Red Hot Sauce

Did you stock up on Frank's Red Hot Sauce with the free coupon last month? I did, so today I went searching for a recipe that called for hot sauce. I found a WINNER on my friend Christina's blog (C+C Marriage Factory).

Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf. Yum. Seriously this recipe was so good. It definitely had some spice to it (my 20 month old declared it "sh-pic-eee"), but my husband and I loved it. I will definitely make it again.

I think Christina has a wee obsession with all things Buffalo Chicken. Check out her blog for recipes for Buffalo Chicken Dip, Buffalo Chicken Fingers, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, and Buffalo Chicken Wraps.

Do you have a favorite use for Frank's Red Hot Sauce?


  1. I just use it on wings. But my friends use it as their go to hot sauce.
    But that meatloaf sounds yummy.

  2. I made this dip for my husband (who is a Frank's die-hard) and he asks for it at least once a week. It's pretty similar to the one you posted, so yummy!

  3. You found me out! I am obsesed with Frank's! Glad you liked the meatloaf. I think I have eaten the whole thing in one sitting before...