Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Favorite Couponing Blogs

I have a bunch of couponing blogs in my Google Reader. Many of them tend to post the same deals and coupons, but I like to read them all because I don't want to miss any gems. Here are the blogs I like. Let me know if you have any favorites that I am missing.

Because More is More

Centsible in Seattle

Coupon Connection NW

Frugal Chic Living

Frugal Living NW

NW Coupon Lady

NW DealSeeker

Organic Deals and Coupons

Queen Bee Coupons

This Beautiful Frugal Life

Thrifty and Thriving

Thrify NW Mom

Totally Target

I told you there were a lot of them. Some of them are obviously NW/Seattle specific, but they all post national deals as well. Hope this helps you get started.


  1. So sweet that you like my blog! Congrats on your new blog. And I can't wait to see the most recent deal you scored using your coupons!

  2. One of my favorite frugal sites is Frugal Hacks. They have a long frugal blogroll. Can't wait to see what deals you find! :)

  3. Thanks Erin! So glad to find your blog. Let me know if you come across any deals you want to share - would love to link back to you :-)

  4. Thanks, Monica. I'll check out Frugal Hacks.

    And thanks, Sia. I love your blog!