Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recent Trip: Albertson's (1/12/2011)

There were no Albertson's double coupons in the paper on Sunday, so I figured we were out of luck for the week. But we got three in the mid-week grocery mailer! Like I said before, I am not generally an Albertson's shopper but I always try to stop by when there are double coupons.

I didn't see anything in the ad or on any of the blogs I read that I absolutely needed. But they did have Colgate toothpaste on sale for $.99 (regular price $2.99). The Smart Source on 1/2/11 had a $.50/1 coupon and based on the advice of some of my favorite bloggers, I had bought a couple extra papers on 1/2/11, so I had three of the $.50/1 coupons.

(3) Colgate Toothpaste x $.99
- (3) $.50/1 coupons
- (3) Albertson's doublers

I did have to pay $.28 in tax. These will go into my donate box.

See right near the bottom where it says "That is a savings of 100%"?!?!?!

That is another way couponing has helped me save money. In the past, I might have thrown a soda or a snack into this shopping trip just because I was at the store. But now my goal is to spend as little as possible on each trip. I have cut out (or at least down) on frivilous items and impulse buys.


  1. My toothpaste stockpile is actually kinda low, so I may do the same deal! :)

  2. I had JUST stocked up at Costco (to think I used to pay for toothpaste) before I started getting serious about couponing. Since we are good for a while, I figure they will make a nice donation.