Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SwagBucks = More Free Money

Search & Win

Last week, I told you about earning free money by using Ebates (you signed up, right? If not, do it now because they will give you $5 free when you sign up). Today, I'll tell you about earning free money using SwagBucks. I resisted signing up for SwagBucks for a while because it just seemed too good to be true. I figured there had to be a catch.

I promise you there is NO CATCH. SwagBucks is a simple (and legit) way to earn free money.

" is an online portal dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars called "Swag Bucks", which can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise."

You can earn SwagBucks a variety of ways (my top 5 ways listed below) and redeem them for all kinds of different gift cards or products. I use my SwagBucks to "buy" $5 Amazon gift cards. Once I earn 450 SwagBucks, I cash them in for a $5 Amazon gift card. I have earned $40 in free Amazon gifts cards in 2 months! I have redeemed these gift cards with no problems. FREE MONEY!

My Top 5 ways to earn SwagBucks:

1) Install the search toolbar. SwagBucks offers a search engine (similiar to google or bing) and you are randomly rewarded with SwagBucks for searching. I have the toolbar installed on my computer and use it to access all my favorite websites. Headed to Facebook? Type Facebook into the search engine and with one extra click you might earn some SwagBucks.

2) Answer the Daily Poll. Earn 1 SwagBuck each day by answering a daily poll question. Quick and easy.

3) Purchase Groupon or Tippr deals through the SwagBucks link and earn 280 SwagBucks.

4) Take the Trusted Surveys. Check daily to see if you qualify for any of the surveys. You probably won't qualify for that many, but when you do it can be worth big SwagBucks.

5) Enter Swag Codes. On the top right hand side of my blog, you will see the Swidget (if you are reading through Google Reader, you will need to open my blog). Click on the Swag Codes button on the Swidget to see if there is a current Swag Code. These are limited time codes worth differing amounts of SwagBucks so check back often.

Sign up today and start earning FREE money!


  1. Have you ever used the SB coupons? They have hundreds to print out (Not sure if they are stackable with other coupons, but it's worth a look into) and you get 10 SBs for every one that's redeemed! That's a pretty awesome deal! I'm planning on giving it a try on my next grocery run :)

  2. I have used some SB coupons, but it takes 8-12 weeks before the 10 SB are credited so I haven't seen them come across yet. The coupons are the same as, but if you find a good deal you can print 2 coupons from both sites.