Sunday, January 16, 2011

Recent Trip: Rite-Aid (1/16/2011)

I was feeling annoyed this morning because I am out of contact lense solution and figured I was going to have to overpay for it today. But I unearthed a bottle from Costco from my storage area (reason #19439 I need to clean out the storage area), so I now I can shop around to stock up.

Since I didn't have any "must buy" items on my Rite-Aid list, I just ran in to pick up some freebies for my donation bin.

(2) Rite-Aid 4 pack of bathroom tissue (regular price $1.99. On sale for $1)
(2) Rite-Aid single roll bathroom tissue (regular price $1.19. On sale for $1)
(2) Rite-Aid facial tissue (regular price $1.99. On sale for $1)
(1) 28 piece play food set (regular price $7.99. On 90% off clearance for $.79)

Used $6 in +UP rewards from last weeks trip

OOP = $1.44

Received $6 in +UP rewards

The toilet paper and tissues ended up being free and are a great donation item. The play food was too good a deal to pass up and is already proving to be a hit in our household.

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