Thursday, January 13, 2011

Target 75% off Toy Sale

I had been reading about the upcoming Target 75% off toy sale on some of my favorite blogs, like Totally Target and Thrifty NW Mom. Basically Target clearances out the toy department twice a year (January and July). The deals go from 30% off to 50% off and finally to 75% off. Well today was the day most stores went down to 75%. The biggest tip I learned was that you have to go the day the mark down to 75% off is taken to have any chance at a decent selection.

I stopped by one Target this afternoon and there was nothing left. The toys were completely picked over. I knew that another Target on my route had a ton of clearance toys last week (when they were 50% off) so I called to see if they had marked them down to 75% off. The operator told me everything was marked down, but things were going fast. Based on that assessment, I almost didn't stop....but boy was I glad I did.

I scored $117.05 worth of toys for $34.21! The Little Tikes golf was only 50% off, but I knew it would be a big hit with my son. These toys will cover 2 Valentine's Day presents, 1 Easter present, and 2 birthday presents for friends and family.

I'll definitely be watching the blogsphere when this sale comes around again in July and gives you a heads up.

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