Friday, January 14, 2011

Why Ebates is Awesome

Do you like free money? Silly question, right?

Well if you like free money you are obviously using Ebates, right? Wait, you don't use Ebates????? Well settle in and let me tell you why you need to start using it NOW to earn free money.

Ebates offers cash back rewards at a TON of online retailers. And it is really easy to use. Anytime you want to buy something online, head to Ebates first and see if they offer a cash back reward. If the site you want to purchase from is listed, just click on it and you will be directed to that site. Do your shopping as normal. Simply by accessing the site via Ebates, you will be rewarded with the cash back reward. Some examples of participating retailers:

Banana Republic 6% back
Target 3% back
Nordstrom 3% back 4% back

My favorite thing about using Ebates is that you can connect through Ebates after you have put items in your cart and still get the cash back reward. I am always forgetting to go through Ebates until I get ready to check out. Once I have everything in my cart I want, I just go to Ebates and link back to the site and there is my cart still with my items in it just waiting to earn me cash back. Love this feature.

I started using Ebates in November and have already earned over $60! A lot of that came from an amazing deal on Black Friday. usually offers 26% back through Ebates (awesome), but on Black Friday Ebates was offering double cash back on every store. So 52% back! I have used before so I was thrilled to see this deal. I ordered Woman's World for my grandma and The New Yorker for myself. I also recently got $8 back on my order of new contact lenses.

Payments are sent quarterly either via Paypal or check. As a bonus they sent out some rewards early this month, so I just go my first deposit in my Paypal account. Which I am off to spend right now at

Free money....who doesn't like that?

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