Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Trip to Albertson's

As a general rule, I suggest avoiding grocery store bathrooms. But because my job requires me to drive quite a bit, sometimes it can't be avoided. I ran into Albertson's today to use the restroom and use the second set of double coupons my friend Lindsay had given me.

One my way to the bathroom, I noticed a shelf of clearance items. And you know I love a good clearance. I found 8 2-packs of AA batteries for $0.25 a piece! The expire in 2012, but we go through a ton of batteries and I have no doubt we will use them by then. So see, sometimes it pays to hit a grocery store bathroom.

All the other items I purchased were FREE. The tortillas and guacamole were free with the double coupons and the Kleenex was free with a $2 catalina I got on my first trip to Albertson's this week. The Kleenex were marked at $2.99, but rang up at $1.99. Bank error in my favor!

Grand total = $2.34
I saved 91%!

If you still have you still have your Albertson's double coupons (or if you can dig them out of the recycle bin), you have until Tuesday (2/8) to use them. Here is a list of items you can get for FREE with the appropriate coupon and an Albertson's doubler.

Dean's Dips (printable coupon)
Wholly Guacamole (1/2 SmartSource insert)
Colgate Toothpaste (1/9 SmartSource insert)
Campbell's Chunky Healthy Request Soup (printable coupon)
Bar S Meat Franks (1/30 RedPlum insert)
Campbell's Select Harvest Soup (printable coupon)
Atheno's Hummus (printable coupon)

Anyone get any good deals at Albertson's (or anywhere else) this week?

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