Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rite-Aid +UP Rewards

I have mentioned the Rite-Aid +UP Rewards in many of my previous blog posts, so I thought I would take a minute and explain exactly how this program works. In a nutshell, +UP Rewards are money you earn on your purchase that can then be applied to your next purchase.
This is a page from the Rite-Aid circular ad from this week. See the Colgate toothpaste in the middle of the page? The amount in white ($2.99) is the price you will pay out of pocket. The amount in yellow ($2.00) is the amount you will get back as a +UP Reward. The amount is red ($.99) says "It's Like Paying". Keep in mind, you will not actually pay $.99. You will have to pay the $2.99 out of pocket. You will then get a $2 +UP Reward that prints with your reciept.

The key to using the +UP Rewards is rolling them into your next purchase. Your first trip to Rite-Aid will cost you a bit of money out of pocket, but if you plan it right, it will yield you +UP Rewards to use on your next trip. Most +UP Rewards expire 2 weeks after they are printed so in order to use them effectively you need to shop at Rite-Aid at least every other week. +UP Rewards can also be rolled immediately into your next purchase, so sometimes it makes sense to split your order into two transactions.

In addition to earning +UP Rewards on individual products, you can also earn them for purchasing a certain amount of particular products. The yellow banner on the page above shows that you can earn $10 +UP Rewards for spending $30 on participating products or $20 +UP Rewards for spending $50. The great thing about this is that the $30/$50 is calculated before any coupons. On my recent trip to Rite-Aid, I purchased items that totalled $30 to get the $10 +UP Reward, but I had $14 in coupons that I used.

I had a scenario all laid out to share with you that would have yielded a profit of $15 in +UP Rewards, but unfortunately the printable coupons that you need are no longer available. As soon as this coming week's ad is available, I will share a scenario with you to help you start your +UP Rewards savings.

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