Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Breaking My Own Rules

My second post on this blog was my list of couponing rules.

Rule #6: Pay attention as your items and coupons are scanned. Make sure you are getting the correct price and that all your coupons scan.

On Super Bowl Sunday, I ran into Safeway for a few sale items and broke my own rule. First, I picked up the wrong size boxes of Cheez-Its and ended up paying $3 more a box than I was anticipating. I also bought 4 jars of salsa and used 4 coupons, but only 1 of them scanned correctly. I thought my total seemed high, but I was in a rush and didn't question it until I got home later that night.

So back to Safeway I went Monday morning. I returned the Cheez-its and got a refund on the coupons that didn't scan. Luckily, my receipt reflected that 4 coupons had been scanned but not deducted so I didn't have any problems with the refund. The old me probably would have said "Forget it" and not made the extra trip back to the store. But with my refund and return I got $10.93 back, so it was worth the extra trip.

So remember to watch your coupons as they are scanned and review your receipt (preferable before you leave the store). And don't be afraid to ask if a coupon scanned correctly or for a refund if needed. I was intimidated the first time I did it, but be nice about it and generally the cashiers will be nice as well.

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