Sunday, February 13, 2011

Safeway Deals

I scored a couple good deals at Safeway on Saturday that I wanted to share with you.

These weren't on my shopping list, but my husband really likes them so I decided to get them as a treat for him. My Safeway had these on sale for 2/$5 (reg. price $2.99). I had one $1/2 coupon and there was a tearpad of $1/1 coupons. I grabbed 3 of those coupons (I probably could have taken 5, but that seemed greedy). Plus, there was a tearpad for a $5 rebate when you bought 5.

$2.50 X 5 = $12.50
- (1) $1/2
- (3) $1/1

OOP = $8.50
- $5 rebate

$3.50 or $0.70/each

As I have previously mentioned, I drink a lot of coffee. Safeway has Starbucks coffee (ground, whole bean, and flavored) on sale for $5.99 (reg. price $8.99). This price is good through Monday, 2/14. Already a pretty good deal. But better with coupons!

(2) Whole Bean
(2) Natural Fusions-Caramel
- (2) $1.50/1 printable coupon
- (2) Natural Fusion coupons from samples I requested

OOP = $17.96 or $4.49/each

But.....the deal gets even better.

Each bag comes with a free tall brewed coffee (reg. price $1.50). I am usually a soy latte kind of girl, but I'll never pass up a free cup of coffee. So when you factor in the cost of the free cups of coffee, this works out to $2.99 each. Now that is a deal.

Safeway is running a promotion right now where you can get a catalina for $5 off your next purchase when you buy 3 Hallmark cards (deal available until 2/14. Catalina expires 2/21). This deal doesn't work with $0.99 cards, but I did find some cute $2.00 cards (I have heard that there are $1.49 cards, but my store didn't have any). So for $1, I picked up 3 birthday cards. Including 2 "male" cards which I never seem to have any of.

I did my card purchase first so I could use the $5 catalina in my grocery purchase. An important note about "accounting".....make sure you are counting your discount only once. Even if you are only keeping track of your deals in your head, it is important not to think these cards were $1 AND I got $5 off my grocery order. It's only one or the other. I have to remind myself of this often as I learn couponing.

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