Monday, February 14, 2011

First Donation

As you know, I collect a lot of free items to donate. I found a great local organization to donate to and dropped off my first donation today.

The mission of The Sharehouse is "To bring a sense of self-sufficiency and comfort to families and individuals moving from homelessness to permanent housing, and to protect our environment by distributing useful household items that would otherwise be discarded". When a family is moving from homelessness to permananet housing, they come to The Sharehouse to "shop" for everything you need to start a household. The Sharehouse provides furniture, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, and hygiene products free of charge to these families.

Retail cost of my donation = $121.99
I paid = FREE

I am so happy to help support such a great organization. In addition to accepting donations of household items, The Sharehouse is also in need of financial donations to support their mission. The organization relies heavily on financial support from the community. Operating expenses include gas and maintenance for a truck and rent for warehouse space to hold the household items they acquire. Please visit their website for more information on their work and to make a donation.

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