Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Swagbucks

Today is Swagbucks 3rd birthday and they are celebrating with Swagcodes all day.

If you are new to Swagbucks, read my post about why I think it is awesome and then go here to sign up. You will get 30 Swagbucks just for signing up.

Plus, you can get 80 Swagbucks if you purchase today's Groupon, which is 3 Redbox codes for $1. Click on the link on the Swagbucks home page to purchase the Groupon and get your Swagbucks.

Use the Swidget on the right-hand side of my blog to check and see if there is a current SwagCode.

I joined Swagbucks in November and just won my 14th (!!!!!) $5 Amazon gift card.


  1. I always forget to use Swagbucks to purchase my LivingSocial or Groupon deals.
    I did try their new tasks over the weekend. I got 130 swagbucks for an hour's worth of work. I also traded in my old cell phone. Still waiting to get my credit for that.

  2. Hey Erin, thought I'd give you a heads up on today's eversave deal. It's $20 for a pro membership and your first box at Thred UP. Here's my link to check it out