Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rite-Aid: Single Check Rebate

So I know I promised to work out a scenario at Rite-Aid this week to help you maximize your +UP Rewards. But honestly, the +UP Rewards this week kind of suck. Most of the deals in this weeks ad are focused on Rite-Aids other discount program, the Single Check Rebate.

The Single Check Rebate program allows you to enter your Rite-Aid reciepts online and recieve a rebate check at the end of the month for a variety of offers. There are a couple things that I like about this program. First, the rebate items are cleared marked in the ad and at the store. Second, the rebates are often high-value which can result in free items. And lastly, the rebate check can be cashed at your bank or used directly at Rite-Aid on a future purchase.

But there are some things about this program that I don't like. First, in addition to entering your reciept information, you also have to select the offers you are submitting for rebate. It seems like the system should automatically be able to match them up. The biggest drawback to the Single Check Rebate program is that it takes about a month to get your check. I'm more of an instant-gratification girl, so I generally only use the Single Check Rebate program on products that my family will definitely use. I could technically get some free items to donate, but it doesn't really feel free when you have to wait that long for the rebate.

You can find a list at This Beautiful Frugal Life of products that are free with week using the Single Check Rebate program.

This Beautiful Frugal Life also posted a heads up for a +UP Reward deal for next week. Dig out your Dove deodorant coupons from the 1/30 Red Plum insert and hang on to them for a $2 moneymaker next week.


  1. I'm just curious, where have you had to select the offers you are submitting? I've never had to do this, I just submit my receipts and it automatically pulls up my rebate info and the matching products.

  2. Thanks, Melody. I realize that I have been doing it backwards. When you pull up the SRC offers, each offer has a check box that says "Add offer to list". I assumed you had to add those to your list first (since they list this screen as step 1). Next time, I'll skip that step and go straight to entering my reciepts. Thanks!